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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Belle Kipa?

A kipa from Belle Kipa is made in a slightly looser stitch than the tight, Israeli-style available at most Judaica shops. The resulting fabric is pliable and somewhat stretchable, and will mold to fit the head. In the larger sizes, it will often stay on without the aid of clips or bobby pins. The fabric breathes, and several customers have told me their heads feel cooler in one of these kipot than others they have worn. Every Belle Kipa is made from 100% cotton thread or yarn, making it hand-washable. Check below for further washing instructions.

What is "size"?

Size is very much a matter of preference. We recognize several standard sizes, but will work to your wishes:

How do I choose a style?

Using the links at the top or bottom of this page, look over the picture galleries, which have some major divisions of various styles available. Kufi styles, especially, are just developing. If you see something you like, but want to make changes, or combine things, that’s perfectly OK. We want to give you what you will be happy wearing, if we can do so.

What does "weight" mean?

As a result of customer requests (e.g., "I normally wear a kufi. Can you make something like that?), we have been experiementing with making heavier fabrics. Results to date:

How do I order something from Belle Kipa?

Go to Order/Contact, and send me an e-mail or telephone to tell me what you want.

When will I receive my order?

If you are ordering an item that is pre-made, that we have in stock... we will ship it on the first business day after we receive your order.

If you are ordering a custom made item, expect 2-3 weeks in addition to shipping. We will advise you if the wait will be longer than that. It is well worth the wait, as each custom item is made just for you, to your exact color and size specifications.

Does Belle Kipa share my personal information with other businesses?


Is there a Belle Kipa print catalog?

Yes, there is now a catalog of most styles of kipa available at Belle Kipa, along with a color chart for making decisions. Request one by e-mail.

Can I order a gift for someone and have it shipped to them?

Yes. Simply tell us where you want the kipot sent, and if there is any special message to go with them. The invoice will contain your message, and no price information. This option is not available on international orders.

What about a Gift Certificate?

Yes, this is another option. An attractive gift certificate is available, and we will either send it to you to personalize or send it to whomever you wish, with the sentiment you specify. You may specify any amount, but a check for $21 will enable the recipient to select among SMALL kipot; $36 enables LARGE and LACY styles in addition; and $42 covers any style currently available on the website. If you wish to provide for something more specialized/experimental, please consult first for a price quote.

What are my payment options?

You can pay with check, money order, or credit card through PayPal invoice.

It takes so long to mail a check or money order, wait for it to get there,
and then wait the two weeks for a custom order. What can I do?

PayPal. We have used PayPal since we first started buying things on the web. They now offer a secure invoicing service with which you can use any credit card.

What is a size measurement?

To get the kipa size you want, use a tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler. Feel for the place on your head that you want the kipa to cover, or how far above your ear you want it to come down. Hold the end of the tape on that spot on one side of your head, run the tape measure over the crown of your head to the same spot on the other side. Mark it with your finger, remove the tape measure, and look at it. Or use a piece of string if you don’t have a tape measure, and lay it out on a ruler.

How do I care for my Belle Kipa?

Your Belle Kipa is made of 100% cotton thread or yarn. It is somewhat stretchable. If it feels tight, feel free to stretch it gently around the brim; if it still feels tight, a more vigorous stretch, even a yank is not going to hurt it. Smooth it down onto your head when you put it on; after half a dozen wearings, it will remember the shape of your hear. When it gets grimy, as kipot are wont to do, wash it. I wear mine daily, and tend to wear light/neutral colors, so they need washing several times a year.

Run cold or luke warm water into a bowl or sink, and let the kipa sit for a few minutes to absorb water (use hot water ONLY if you want to shrink it). You can use Woolite or other mild laundry soap, but bar soap (hand soap) works fine. Rub the soap into the kipa, especially where there are dirty spots, and take two areas into you hands to scrub them together. Repeat until the spots are gone. Rinse in cool water until the water runs clear. Fold the kipa in half, roll it in a towel and squeeze gently to get out most of the water. Put it on your head to shape it if you like, and set the bowl-shape on the counter, or simply set it on a clean, dry surface to dry.

Special Orders

From time to time, we have undertaken special orders for special occasions. The pics show the results in a couple of cases, but we have also done mixed orders, e.g., 14 small kipot, 2 large kipot (balding uncles), 2 extra-small kipot (toddlers) in navy and cream, and 10 matching lacy kipot in cream and navy for a bar mitzvah. Special orders of 10 or more items receive a 10% discount.

If you are considering a special order, plan ahead. Typically, color matching is needed, and the mails need to go back and forth. The kipot don't take less time to make because there is a volume discount. The specific order quoted above took 2-3 months to finish. I will not undertake an order I do not think I can fulfill, and will try my utmost, but it's just me at this end.

Bat Mitzvah Blue
Lilac Star & thin stripes on Dark Royal background

Dov 2
Clockwise from top right: Forest, True Blue, Dark Royal, Navy, Taupe, Oakleaf, Havana, Chocolate, Burgundy, Charcoal, Black

Wedding White
White with Silver/Silver toothed edge

Where did Belle Kipa come from?

I was uninterested in making any more of the 'Israeli-style' kipot I had made in my younger years, and started to play with thread, trying out new ideas. The first few kipot were given to the scholarship fund auction at a conference I attended, and the business 'grew like Topsy' as folks asked if I could make them one, like this! Because the kipot fit well and are comfortable to wear, a growing number of customers come back again and again: looking through the current inventory, pawing through the balls of yarn on the table for new color combinations, discussing new design ideas. Each has his/her own preferences: wild and colorful, understated, conservative, whatever; I'm game to try it if I think it's do-able.

Where else can I find a Belle Kipa?