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custom-designed headcoverings for men and women
small large kufi-style popcorn lacy rainbow


Small kipot are made in a single-thread weight and are usually 6", although they may be from 4" to 7 1/2" upon request.

Small kipot are $21.

Click on a kipa for a larger image.


Alan 5
Forest, Jade, GB Green

Alan 6
Magenta, Gold, Pumpkin

Alan 7
Oriental blue, parakeet, seafoam

Alan 8
Oriental blue, seafoam, parakeet

Alan 9
Oriental blue, seafoam, true-blue

Alan 10
True-blue, seafoam, Oriental blue
see also Alan large
Mixed Small Kipot
One-color Plain

David 4
True Blue with Gold Zigzag
see also David large

Charcoal with Thin Gold stripes
see also Special Orders

Elliot 2
Black with white/pearl zigzag edge

Matt 2
Purple and Lavender

Matt 3
Rumgold and Forrest

Mexican Sunset
Pumpkin, Goldenrod, Parakeet, Purple

Mexicana Stripe
see also rainbow

Mordechai 3
Navy with Gold Chain

MP Blue, GB Green, Cone Bright Violet

Purple, Lavender, Navy

Star Outline
GB Blue and Shaded Blue

Star 3
White Star and Zigzag Edge on GB Blue background
Star 4
Black Star and Two thin stripes on Rumgold background